Friday, November 11, 2011

Two drunk vixens kissing with lust at a wicked party

I was in a new town and was staying bored in my hotel room, until I heard double girls from the next room screaming and laughing and saying that they leave in the club near the hotel. I thought that maybe if there is one shut down I can walk until then and see if it is worth it to stay and have a drink. From my first step in the club I could see a bunch of chicks having fun and drinking a little too much. From this until the next step when I see my two chicks who were staying next to me in the hotel, drunken and touching their bodies with lust was a little step. I was looking amazed and excited at those double chicks, how they were touching their bodies and were kissing with lust. Click here to see these drunken girls kissing naked in the club.

Two drunk babes touching their petite bodies with lust

We are two blonde vixen girls who love fun more then everything. We love getting drunk and going in the most populated clubs. There we love to get up on the stages and start dancing dirty, teasing the guys and make anything that in the ordinary life no one will do. Tonight my splendiferous friend has come at me and said that a new club has opened in town and that is a must see one. We took the shortest skirts, drink double glasses with champagne and went there. Yes, the club was awesome: seemed like the all handsome dudes wanted to see that club. We get drunk with beer, wine, champagne and whisky and we get up on the stage and started to touch our siren bodies. Click here to see how horny we can be when we get drunk.

Two busty drunk sluts kissing with lust at a party

Going in clubs in one of a must do task every weekend`s night. We are double blonde girls who know that life is short and for this we are living every day like is the last one. We are both bisexuals and we love spending some quality time together, touching our massive breasts with lust, kissing each other and tasting our wet beavers. Tonight we find out an good club with crazy night life. We get a little bit drunk and we didn`t care that people are around us. We started to flash our bodies, show our boobies to everyone and because we were too drunk we started to kiss each other with lust. Click here to see how we had fun together.

Drunk tramps shows their boobs in a club

I have a hot passion: staying in the club and spying girls. But when they are drunk and available for any yummy stuff I am starting to put them doing anything I want. Some of them are humiliating in public, some of them are just blushing go drinking again and came but and some of them are showing me their boobies without asking that too many times. Tonight I was founding only drunk hookers who asked me to show their boobs because someone told them that I am the breasts guy. I was laughing in me and start measuring their tits. Some were so resplendent and so fuckable than I wrote my phone number on them after I posed. Click here to see dirty drunk tramps showing their boobs at a wild party.

Double drunk tramps touching their lucky bodies at a party

We were at the club the other night and my girlfriend was so wasted! she got up on stage with a bunch of drunk blonde hotties. Things got dishy wild as they took off most of their clothes! There was one chick that had this string outfit on. All of them had their perky breasts exposed and the crowd was going crazy! The chicks were hugging and stroking against each as the crowd applauded in appreciation! The string outfit chick was so loaded she fell off the stage into the crowd. All the studs around her got her back on stage, and the crowd yelled and screamed declaring her the winner of the drunk blondes!

Drunk super sensual sublime getting round boobs wet at a crazy party

These girls were all going out to have a little fun since they had just finished finals week. They were all horny with big looking breasts and magnificent round asses, and as they got more drunk they started to argue about who had the best tits! Before you know it they are in a contest and the first two blonde chicks are in the middle of the bar dancing to the music as the crowd cheered them on to show them their boobies! They had beer all over them as they shaked their naked tits for the crowd! And then it was the other girls turn and she was not going to be outdone as she lifted her top and shook her tits for all they were worth!

Crazy brunette chick showing her super sexy boobies at a party

I was staying in the club bored since two hours with a glass of whisky under my nose. People around me were laughing but I was so drilling bored that I didn`t had the necessary mood to listen at what they were saying. All this until a group of three girls has entered in the club. You couldn`t not notice them because I think that they were a little bit drunk because they were laughing and making dirty jokes. From this moment they had all my attention. I knew that these girls are too happy to let the things in that way. They go on the stage and in few moments I knew that wasn`t a pity because my looks were follow them. They started to rend their clothes and touch their boobies right there on the public while they were dancing lascivious. Too exciting too watch dudes; they started to kiss their divine breasts and even to massage their melons right there. Click here to see those three nasty hookers showing their jugs at a wild party.